Why are you here, What’s to find here?

Why does this person thinks he needs a blog, why another blog?

When starting this blog, these questions came to mind. I’m probably the last person to boast myself (at least I hope and think so), but after getting knowledge on general and specific topics in the IT world, I thought it might be good to chip in my thoughts, experiences and occasional frustrations. This was something already running though my head for quite a long time, but thanks to @AngeloLuciani and @NutanixNation who took me up in the Nutanix Technology Champions program, I finally made the effort to start this blog so I can share knowledge and ensure I can be of added value to the community.

The topics in here will be mostly focused on End User Computing and Software Defined Data Center technologies as there’s where my work passion is.

Everything in here is my own opinion, I don’t work for a vendor, so hopefully that’s clear. I have my own favorite solutions, but understand these are not always applicable. I’m a tech enthusiast, not in sales or an evangelist (leave that one up to others).

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